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Quality with Care” & “Education with Sanskars

Jyoti Bal Vidya Peeth Sec. School

Ward No. 20, Jhajhar Road, Mohalla Khatikan, Nawalgarh. 333042 India.

Jyoti Bal Vidya Peeth Sec. School is one of the best-equipped schools in Nawalgarh with facilities that support excellence in all areas. It is professionally managed educational institute dedicated to excellence. Here we are using innovative research based child centric teaching pedagogies and latest learning technologies. Innovation in education helps the students to explore, to generate interest and be inspired.

Our Mission

To provide an Educational environment in which students feel safe, secured, empowered, energized and unlimited in pursuing learning experiences to their maximum potential.

Our Vision

To be recognized as an Academic Centre of Excellence. Maintain the highest ethical standards. Anticipate and respond to change.

Value Education

Stress is being laid on Value Education to inculcate moral values & Indian heritage among the students. It is developed through reciting stories, shlokas, yoga, & celebrating the birth anniversaries of saints, scholars & great leaders.

Creativity Development

Every child has a special interest. Arts, dance, singing, music, photography, and sports are some of the common domains where children generally show their inclination.

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